These are some of the best projects you can do to improve and add value to your house

Although adding a steel door to your home may not sound all that sexy, it can definitely be one of the best investments to home renovation. According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners should seriously look into adding a steel door as it can dramatically increase the asking price of a home when it comes time to sell.


Exterior work on properties can dominate the long list of potential projects that can offer more bang for the money. The return is higher because a sale can be made through exteriors alone, according to many real estate agents. In many instances, it is all about that first impression when pulling up to a driveway and seeing a property from outside. Many potential buyers generally assume that the exterior of a house dictates the inside as well, which is not always the case, but they may think it all the same.


Exterior projects can significantly increase a home’s value and tend to be more practical and appealing to new buyers. The following home improvements have proven to be more impactful for home sales and are well worth considering for a bigger return on your investment.


Two Story Addition


Going from a first floor to adding a second story and square footage is a great way to increase the size of the home and dramatically change the look of it as well as the value. This news comes courtesy of Remodeling Magazine, which has seen many homeowners go this route before placing their home on the market.


Remodeling Bathroom

Increasing the size of a current bathroom and replacing fixtures in it from the wash basin to ceramic tiling, new shower heads, and toilet can make a huge difference in the look of a home.



Finishing Basements



Basement remodel

Potential homeowners are typically very impressed with basements that have been remodelled, with entertainment areas and wet bars getting many potential homeowners excited about the prospect of a finished basement that can actually be fully utilized. If done correctly, it can definitely impact the overall value of a home.


Replacement Window Projects


Not only do new windows look better and provide more insulation, but they also save homeowners more money on energy costs. Woo is the trim finished that is most preferred, but there are others that can pay huge dividends too. Vinyl windows have a ROI of nearly 80%, while upscale version can get an ROI of 76.6%, making both of them great options to consider when renovating a home.


Small Kitchen Remodel

Projects that fall under small renovation for a kitchen include replacing cabinets, replacing countertops, faucets, new hardware, and possibly new flooring. Renovations in the kitchen are always preferred as it is considered the heart and soul of just about any home. Major kitchen renovations cost on average $54,000 and come with a 74.2% ROI.


Replacing Garage Doors


Although replacing garage doors can improve the overall look of your home’s exterior, an upgrade is only necessary if it has been damaged or is visibly tattered. An average cost for such a renovation will cost just under $3000, with an offer of 83% ROI.